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(Quad Cities Basketball Officials Association)

Step by Step Guide for Using Message Forum

1.  Registration is NOT required to participate in this forum. However,
    if you choose to register click on the Register link located
    under the QCBBOA/Message/Discussion/Forum.  Enter pertinent
    information (I suggest only entering the boxes with the * - required).
    Note: when registering, the correct time zone to click is GMT -6:00.

2. The new format allows each user to register without having to receive authorization from a forum administrator at this time.

3. If you want to read the forum, simply click on any of the topic links.

4. If you want to post a message, you have two options:
a) if your post is related to a topic already listed in the forum, simply click the "Post Reply" link located under the message box.

b) if your post deals with a topic that isn't listed, simply click on either of the "New Topic" links (on top or bottom of the forum links box).
**Notice** Please enter some form of identification in the 'Username' box BEFORE submitting your post. BEFORE is stressed because you can't edit a post once it has been submitted.

6. After writing your message, click the "Submit" link located at the bottom of the page.

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