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Quad Cities Basketball Officials Association
Serving all AHSAA schools in Lauderdale County, Colbert County,
& Franklin County + Hatton in Lawrence County

The QCBBOA is dedicated to diligently striving to uphold the NFHS rules & procedures as set forth by the Alabama High School Athletics Association

This site is now being updated for the 2006/2007 season

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Results to Last Week's Question
After a made basket,
team "A" is inbounding the basketball.
A double foul is called.
Can team "A" still run the baseline,
or does it become a spot throw-in,
does it go to the possesion arrow,
or other?

Run Endline - 10 votes
Spot Throw-In - 5 votes
Possession Arrow - 0 votes
Other - 1 Votes
Not Sure - O votes

Correct Answer is "Spot Throw-In"
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